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Metroschifter Whatever's

The Metroschifter
One Cloud for the Brokenhearted
2012, ICB-15

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Metroschifter iTunes

Metroschifter iTunes


This is a unique EP from the Metroschifter, part of an elaborate project 15 years in the making.

The EP consists entirely of previously released material, yet its contents may come as a bizarre revelation to Metroschifter fans. It may also be something new to the music world.

Though improbable, if someone selected the proper Metroschifter records and played them at the same time, they would find that some songs released by the band more than a decade ago are puzzle pieces which fit together.

This new EP, One Cloud for the Brokenhearted, combines two such songs, "One Cloud in the Sky" (from a 1998 split CD with Shipping News) and "Theme from 'Songs for the Brokenhearted'" (released on a compilation the following year).

These two songs were written and recorded in the '90s as matching pieces. When played simultaneously, the songs fit together exactly. The music and phrasing weaves in and out of sync, sometimes sounding like discordant cacophony and, in other moments, coming together in a harmonious swirl.

On this EP, the two songs are finally joined together: one song in the left speaker and the other in the right speaker. The drums are mixed in stereo up the middle.

The record also presents stereo mixes of the individual songs.

Singer/songwriter Scott Ritcher notes that other such secret treasures are hidden in Metroschifter's catalog, which consists of six full-length albums and numerous EPs dating back nineteen years to 1994.

For those who have enjoyed Metroschifter over the years, Ritcher says, "there has been more going on than just what is obviously on the records. We have always wanted to make records that have not already been made. This is another part of that."

One Cloud for the Brokenhearted is available for less than three dollars in the iTunes Store, at Amazon.com and directly from the band at Metroschifter.com. Like most of the band's catalog, it is available free on Spotify.

The artwork was created by South Carolina designer Chris Pfaffinger.

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Metroschifter Carbonistas

The Metroschifter

CD: Noise Pollution, AmazonAMAZON
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Pat McClimans, Chris Reinstatler, and Scott Ritcher have teamed up again as The Metroschifter to record the group's sixth long-playing release.

Alternative Press used words like "inconceivable" and "surprising" to describe the new record, adding that we "explore a maddening array of musical genres... while treading the familiar dense, melodic-rock terrain of their past... No song in the band's back catalog approximates the sheer audacity of it."

MetroschifterLEO Weekly pronounces its contents as "eight furious tracks built around mathematical precision."

The new material should please fans who have enjoyed our previous work in the area of distorted, thunderous, sometimes precise music, laden with personal and emotional lyrics.

AP wonders "if this is the shape of rock to come or a tragic misstep on the Metroschifter's part." We're used to that kind of confusion. "Either way, they've managed to create a confounding record that demands undivided attention."

Carbonistas is manufactured and distributed by the Louisville label Noise Pollution and also carries our label's logo.

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Free sample track:
"It's All Fucked Up In Dixie" MP3 / 4:03 / 9.3 MB


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Metroschifter Basics

The Metroschifter
Whatever's Wrong With Me Is Here to Stay: The Basics
Downloadable Retrospective Compilation
2009, ICB-14

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A crash course in The Metroschifter. This retrospective compilation is a look back at fifteen years of the band's work. The compilation includes twenty-one songs (over 80 minutes of music) hand-picked by the band. This includes all the basics from the first album in 1994 to their Carbonistas record in 2009.

Track listing: Overlap, Marker, Drive, Scoop, Forward, Link, Whatever's Wrong With Me Is Here To Stay, The Greatest Ballad of All Time, Love, $39.00, Equation, Is This All About Money?, Advil, The Name of a Street, Know Where You're Going, Alphabetical, It Used To Be So Easy, Actress, My Old Kentucky Home, Murder, America Is A Prison

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Best Actress

Best Actress
When I Wake Up I Play This Song
2006, ICB-11

cd $11
Best Actress - When I Wake Up I Play This Song - Touch The Ground $10

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Maya Weissbach Scott Ritcher

Best Actress is a group consisting of Maya Weissbach, formerly of the Chicago group Music For Boating, and Scott Ritcher of the Metroschifter.

The debut, full-length, 11-song album is a unique mix of pop, piano, and guitar, topped with Maya's delicious vocals. It was named one of the Best Albums of the Year by Velocity Weekly.

The album collaboration began in 2004 and recording sessions took place in in a variety of locations, as fancy as the University of Louisville School of Music and as basic as Scott's apartment.

Available as a compact disc or instant download.

Hear a few tracks from the album on the band's website at BestActress.org or on the Best Actress profile at MySpace.


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Pat McClimans Group

The Pat McClimans Group
2005, ICB-12


"Equal" is the second album from Lafayette, Indiana's The Pat McClimans Group.

With this release, the PMG settled into a cohesive lineup and branched out into collaborative territory. With pianist Chad Cutsinger trading vocals with Pat on several tracks.

The album comes in a fantastic custom-made, hand-printed package, crafted at Anvil Prints in Louisville. If you enjoyed their first record or Pat's earlier work with MT Rhoades and His Lonesome Woods Band, "Equal" will ease into your record collection without incident.

Buy it now from the Pat McClimans Group website!

Pat McClimans Group

The Pat McClimans Group
self-titled CD
2004, Multipurpose-1/ICB-10

The first disc from The Pat McClimans Group. Pat just can't get enough of playing music, and his roots are shown in all their glory on this CD. The 9-song full-length album features a cavalcade of guest appearances. Pat leads what amounts to essentially a different band lineup on each track.

Download it now directly from us using the button above.

Department of Energy CD

Department of Energy
self-titled CD
2004, ICB-8

cd $9

In 2003, Metroschifter members Pat McClimans and Scott Ritcher teamed up in a new project called Department of Energy.

Recorded in Boston, Massachusetts, by John Gordon, the disc is comprised of completely instrumental music with segments of presidential speeches and debates from the past 40 years. Department of Energy CD plays a continuous track for the duration of the nonstop 18-minute program.

Click here to listen to a 2-minute preview or buy it right now from this site.

MT Rhoades Band

The MT Rhoades Band
self titled digital only release
2003, ICB-7

download free below

Although it was a couple years old, this genuinely American, 23-minute, 6-song session of Pat's other group, The MT Rhoades Band, was first offered here online in 2003. This band also performs on the Encapsulated album.

You can download these six songs free of charge. You can also download a PDF of the really hideous cover art and print it out by clicking here, and then burn a CD and it'll be just like you bought it. Holy shit!

This material was recorded April through July 2000 at Berzerker Studios in Lafayette, Indiana. Engineered by John Gordon. Produced by Pat McClimans.

1. We Got the Time, Don’t We? (3:15) 3MB
2. Enjoy the Ride (4:43) 4MB
3. Morning Sings (4:21) 4MB
4. Population: 16 (0:51) 1MB
5. Old Sorehead (4:37) 4MB
6. Sunrise (5:24) 5MB

Total playing time 23:11

Metroschifter Let's Get This Party Started

Scott Ritcher & Metroschifter
Let's Get This Party Started digital only release
2000 reissue of 1997 cassette release, ICB-6

Download $4

Let's Get This Party Started was originally a homemade cassette we sold at shows during 1997 and through the Initial Records catalog as a limited release. The nine songs are early demos, alternate versions and live tracks.

In 2000, we included it in the material we have available for downloading online.

Metroschifter Encapsulated Demos

The Metroschifter
Encapsulated Demos digital only release
2000, ICB-5

Download $4

The fifth title from I Can't Believe It's a Record Company is an internet-only release. Encapsulated Demos is a 14-song collection of the original cassette demo versions we sent to the bands who played on Encapsulated. This gives you a behind-the-scenes look at what each band started with when learning their songs.

The recordings were all made in Scott's apartment in Old Louisville and vary in quality - some have piano tracks, some with drum machine tracks, some are just acoustic guitar and vocal, while others have more typical Metroschifter instrumentation.

Three of the songs that appear on Encapsulated Demos did not make it to the final album and two of them never made their way to any subsequent Metroschifter record.

Metroschifter Encapsulated Japan

The Metroschifter (by various artists)
Encapsulated LP/CD


Download from iTunes

Release number four was a different version of Encapsulated issued through the Howling Bull label in Japan. The artwork on the Japanese version is completely different and the audio was supposed to be slightly different as well.

The MT Rhoades Band recorded two different versions of their Metroschifter cover "Under Pressure to Exist," and the alternate version was supposed to appear on this release. However, a mixup of master discs caused the audio on the Japanese version to be exactly the same as the Doghouse version. So much for trying to do something special.

The elusive alternate version of "Under Pressure to Exist" can be downloaded as an MP3 by clicking this link.

Metroschifter Encapsulated

The Metroschifter (by various artists)
Encapsulated LP/CD


Download from iTunes

Our third release from I Can't Believe It's a Record Company was 2000's Encapsulated, the record that has 13 other bands playing a new album we wrote. This album was manufactured and distributed on Doghouse Records with our logo.

The bands performing for us on this record are Burning Airlines, Cooler, Elliott, the Enkindels, the Get Up Kids, Ink & Dagger, Joan of Arc, Music Group, MT Rhoades & His Lonesome Woods Band, the Promise Ring, Refused, Rye Coalition, and Kyle Crabtree & Jason Noble of Shipping News.

Scott Ritcher

Scott Ritcher
self-titled CD (studio version)


Scott Ritcher's first studio solo album was recorded in 1999 at Red House Studios in Eudora, Kansas, by Get Up Kids producer Ed Rose.

Using a beautiful acoustic guitar built by his sister Greta Ritcher, its twelve songs include a cover of a song by his brother, Mark Ritcher's band, Cooler. The album is straight, simple and clean, just acoustic guitar and vocal.

Scott Ritcher CD

Scott Ritcher
self-titled CD (homemade version)


In January 1999, another homemade tour disc was issued on our label. The first Scott Ritcher solo CD was recorded in his parents' basement in Middletown, Kentucky. About 100 homemade CDR's of this were sold on Scott's 1999 solo tour in Europe.

The Metroschifter
Limited Edition European Tour CD


Our first release was a homemade 7-song CD called Limited Edition European Tour CD. We made 55 copies and sold them, well, on our European tour that same month. Its seven songs were unmastered versions of the songs from Strawberries and the Metroschifter Picture Disk 7" recorded by Ed Rose. The tracks weren't connected the way they are on Strawberries.

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